Best lounge at Singapore for QF Business Class

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My partner and I will be travelling home from holiday in Malaysia later this year via Singapore. I booked Qantas business, and I have heard from many sources that the QF lounge in Singapore's is often very crowded and not fantastic. I researched and found that Emirates and BA both have lounges in T1 Singapore that we could access being booked in QF business. Does anyone know which lounge is the best to visit??


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For me EK is the best.


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I was there early this year, and the QF lounge is certainly not the place to go if you want quiet, but I quite enjoyed the vibe that was in the lounge. Alan Joyce was also in on his way back from the OneWorld conference in the UK. Depending on how late “later this year” you are flying back, Qantas is opening a First Lounge in Singapore (aiming for Late November I believe), which will reduce the crowding of the lounge.


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Suggest going to Qantas for something to eat (live cooking station) then relaxing in either BA Lounge (opposite Qantas) or quick walk to Emirates lounge - both of these are good options. This is my approach at the moment if I have time before my Qantas flights given how busy the lounge is lately.


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I agree with Eija. At the moment the EK lounge is best. It doubles as a combined business/ first so is has a few extras on a pure business lounge


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I was there on Saturday night, had a quick shower in the QF Lounge and then departed the scrum for the peace and quiet of the BA Lounge and then on to Emirates. Overall the Emirates offering leads the pack with natural light, views and a good selection of food and self-service drink. I tend to graze in lounges rather than seek a meal so the Qantas live cooking option does not overly appeal to me. One comment for those with a long time to spend, I did find the chairs in the BA Lounge the most comfortable!


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EK serves Moët and BA has self service bar and is very quiet. Also has a selection of day old UK newspapers!

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Try and stay loyal to QF but these days on the QF1 run, often jump into BA to freshen up and then out. The Singapore lounge does get very busy.


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Personally I’d agree with the majority of views that the best bets would be BA or Emirates. I quite like the BA lounge but its each to their own I guess. If the QF lounge isn’t too busy (which is rare these days) then it is nice. One other factor if you’re QF platinum then depending on when you mean by ‘later in the year’ then the QF first lounge would be available to you, assuming of course that it opens on schedule 😂🤞


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It really depends on what your after.

For Food - QF
For Drinks - BA
For Ambience - EK
For Quiet - BA or EK

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