Another "Points Plane"?

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Not sure if this has already been post but saw on the news this morning that Qantas and AirBnB are partnering up to offer business class and first class seats on popular routes such as MEL to LAX and SYD to LHR at discounted rates. The only catch is that you have to find these deals on the AirBnB platform before a representative from Qantas will contact you to organise the flights.


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Done a fairly decent search in LA on Airbnb and nothing came up. Used some dates in June and also without dates.

Not really sure how it works. Are you supposed to use the date you want to fly as the search date?

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The LA one was for 4 March 2020. It was also booked well before 8:30am. There are currently no active listings left today.


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Cool promo


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Tips for searching?


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Tips for searching?

Just have to be smart with what filters you use to search, and be lucky with picking the right dates... ;)

Here's another from just now. However, none of the dates are available for booking.


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sounds like a wild goose chase and looking for free PR


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Did a few searches yesterday and today...cant seem to find any.

I even did the filter for the above Santiago search with 2 beds, 2 rooms, 3 baths and still saw nothing.

Do you have to click a link from somewhere to access the AIRBNB site or do we need to log in to Airbnb?

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