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Hi team,

Congrats on the new website. All looks good to me, particularly on mobile, but not as much on laptop/computer when viewing the front page, having to scroll past that massive ad before getting to any content.

I wondered if the big ad was temporary (how like newspapers do a wrap advertorial) but I note it's still there. I get how ad revenue works but I feel it's detractively 'loud'.

Would be interested to hear if I'm just being sensitive!


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On a 17" laptop, it fills the entire screen. Since ad-blockers are not permitted on Executive Traveller, this forced full page ad is unacceptable, in my opinion. Especially when an Amex ad headlines most other pages.

Yes, I get and appreciate the need for advertising revenue. However such an intrusive and unnecessarily large ad simply give me the feeling that the advertised product simply isn't that great.


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Hi Wodfrey, thanks for the feedback. We're trialling some new formats and this one is temporary, running for this week.


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Hi Sid,

My personal feedback and view is, if I was new to ET and opened the site for the first time to the massive amex ad, I wouldn't be back, or view the sites content.

Luckily I know how good the content on the site is, so I do come back. But the size is bordering on rude.


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It is fairly intrusive, but I suppose since AMEX have paid for the space, it's gotta see out the trial period.


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Hello all,

Based on your feedback we have reduced the height of the ad for future campaigns so content should be visible on your first page load. MRYJDrake, you are correct that we can't change the current Amex ad, however this will finish tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for your support, this was our first trial of this new ad unit.



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I had noticed it seemed out of proportion to the site but put it down to teething issues or new ad options.

In relation to the ad blocker detection tech used by ET; I note it requests the user disable adblockers - the text suggests the user is required to turn off their adblocker completely vs just for ET. Other sites I've visited have text that ask the user to white label or list a specific site as one where ads are allowed.

The tech used could be updated to state that the user simply needs to update their adblock tech so as to allow content from ET to be delivered with ads. I use AdBlock Plus and its a simple click to then allow ads on ET - but again, other sites I've visited sites where the text and CTA was clear and white listed the site.

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