• For what it's worth, I've used two complimentary platinum upgrades in the last three weeks. Though value is questionable for now (onboard service is only unlimited snacks from economy and cold drinks, alcohol included).

  • After a bit of discussion and capturing my feedback, Amex apologised and authorised a $20 credit to my card as goodwill, with no news on any other changes. I mean, it's not nothing... Completely agree that caps for reasonable use make far more sense than an outright ban.

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  • Large Amex ad on front page

    Aug 08, 2019, 11:11 AM

    Hi team,Congrats on the new website. All looks good to me, particularly on mobile, but not as much on laptop/computer when viewing the front page, having to scroll past that massive ad before getting to any content. I wondered if the big ad was temporary (how like newspapers do a wrap advertorial...

  • Double status credits - VA?

    Mar 05, 2019, 10:41 AM

    Yep I've flown 4 sectors, all have posted same time as the standard SCs (2-3 days after). Though, have had plenty of slow posting VA SCs in the past.

  • Thanks for the replies - no way to purchase on an award booking so not possible, would seem my Tokyo experience was a one-off. Cheers

  • Hi all,I’ve used QF points to book a Jetstar business ticket on OOL-CNS next week - it’s the domestic leg of an international JQ 787 that continues up to Japan. I don’t hold status with Qantas so my question is should I have access to the Qantas Club at OOL? Last year I could ac...

  • I haven’t tried this specific combination but usually your award booking (in this case through KrisFlyer) will give you a reference for the other airline (in this case TG), allowing you to log on to their website and select seats. Have done this on CX with QF, SQ with UA etc.

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