Time for Qantas to speak up against and ditch Neil Perry and Rockpool?

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I think it's time Qantas took a public stand against Neil Perry and Rockpool. It looks like the scandal is bigger than that of George Calombaris.


  • tampering with time-sheet records so workers who worked up to 100 hours a week looked like they only worked 38.
  • Stolen wages of at least $10 million.
  • It all seems deliberate/intentional.

I've never thought Rockpool was the best brand for airline food anyway. Very seafood centric. I've had a couple of business class flights where more than half the dishes are seafood or have something seafood about them.


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But then there is this from the SMH....

”Perry is not in charge of the day-to-day operations of the business and has not been personally accused of being involved in the doctoring of hours.”

Some ot the best inflight meals I have has have been on Qantas. The soups in particular are delicious. If you don't like seafood then don't choose that option. I am sure it is there because it stores and reheats well on aircraft without loosing too much quality. It is also a lighter option for when you are going to be sitting still for a few hours.


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Given this from February this year, a bit hard for Qantas to take a moral stand...

Qantas Airways will fork out thousands of dollars in backpay after discovering an "embarrassing" bungle that saw it short-change dozens of workers, while overpaying others.


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Whilst there are no doubt dodgy operators who do it on purpose, there is no way management teams are sitting around in big businesses talking about how they steal their staff's wages. There is a huge amount of complexity in payroll with allowances, penalties etc & there will unfortunately be mistakes from time to time. Any decent business should be doing reviews from time to time & ensuring all staff are paid correctly; we've seen a number of large business' do this recently, Super Retail for one.

It's not great, but I don't think we need to grab the pitchforks every time something like this pops up. Calculate the backpay, add interest & if it's shown to be with purpose levy a fine. Those doing it on purpose/under threats of violence should be jailed & banned from operating a company depending on the severity.


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Considering how much QF want to be part of the social police these days this is something they should be taking a stand on, maybe they consider stealing from workers less worthy of their consideration than the other important issues they have taken a stand on.


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It was kind of awkward sitting on the plane last week when this was playing on the news feed....


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Not to mention the crap morsels and rabbit 'salads' Neil thinks are actually salads. I won't even go into how embarrassing the 'first' catering on Qantas is. Shameful compared to fellow 1st rate carriers First offerings. It's not even up to the standards of Qatar's Business Class catering!

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