What do you miss from Virgin Blue?

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With Virgin Australia likely to in some form or another return to it Virgin Blue routes, I don't think that they will want to completely rebrand Virgin Australia back to Virgin Blue. However there are definitely characteristic that Virgin Blue got right including when Virgin Australia was Virgin Blue it was profitable.

Cyrus Capital said today “plans to keep airline as full-service”

However with Bain saying “We want to bring back the best parts of the Virgin Blue culture and make flying fun again" and Indigo Partners investing in LCC's, it's likely that we could see Virgin Australia brought back with a type of LCC business model.

What things would you like to see brought back from Virgin Blue?

A lot of people have commented by saying that they would like to see a hybrid carrier like Air New Zealand (Trans-Tasman services) or JetBlue & Southwest in the US.

Air New Zealand Style Hybrid looks like: Seat only fares to full traditional service with meal and Entertainment. Baggage depends on fare type. Only water, tea and coffee is free to all passengers. Food and Alcohol for purchases if not included in fare.

JetBlue Style Hybrid looks like: Basic seat only fares to Business Class. Baggage depends on fare type. Complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Food and Alcohol for purchases.

Southwest Hybrid looks like: 25min turn. Unassigned seats. Seat. 2 Checked bags as standard. Complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. No Food for purchases. Alcohol for purchases.

Poll: While they are an option which style of hybrid carrier would you like to see Virgin Australia shift too?


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planesa380, I think you might be better placed to start your own blog, rather than spamming in here with a bunch of stuff.

Rod H

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Not anything at all.


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I'm not sure how Air NZ feels about being put in the same bucket as Southwest but I personally don't think hybrid is a good strategy. The more successful airlines in the world seem to be really good at either being full service or low cost. Not being good at either and falling somewhere in between seems to me will only lead to failure.


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Possibly something between Air NZ and Delta. Hybrid offering with perks for Velocity elites (albeit some restricted with most basic fare). Keeps cost base low but value proposition high.


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I like Air New Zealand model - it clearly works well for them although they don't have a competing airline within their home country. How does the hybrid model work for like long haul flights?

I think VA could do without feeding pax with cheap and nasty food (big fan of virgin but their Economy has awful food). I'd rather eat before hand a decent meal or pay $10-15 on board for a better quality and personalised meal picked from the menu. As long as base ticket is less then Qantas I'd prefer the add what you want options - sort of make your own adventure! Entertainment - BYO these days download and save your own shows and movies via streaming apps these days.


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Ask Edwin Starr for my answer


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Please airline gods, not the Fun. Anything but The Fun....


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Actually being able to go somewhere in a plane.


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something like we remembered ansett but without the noahs ark of plane types.i loved the young pretty female flight attendants.

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