Current status of VAs 777s (and A330s)

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Last time I saw there was still an A330 parked in Perth..are their widebodies still scattered around Aus? Have the 777s been sold for scrap?curious what's happening as if they still parked at airport are these not ongoing costs?


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There was a 777 parked in the hanger in Brisbane on Sunday night.


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If you head over to some avgeek forums, you will probably get a lot more information on this. There will be a few people specifically following these sorts of movements. I would think somewhere like Australian Frequent Flyer or Airliners net


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VPH is reportedly (not confirmed) off to HKG "soon", reportedly one of the banks had encumbered the aircraft against the mortage/loan applied to it by the previous ownership of SQ/EY/HNA et al. (even though this particular aircraft is owned to VA).

VOZ is the sole leased 777 aircraft and that will eventually be returning to its lessor.

Some of the A330s are at AVV, and will eventually be returned to lessors.


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Spotted one of the Virgin A330's at Toowoomba Wellcamp airport last weekend, along with a 777 and a couple of their 737s.


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Virgin has been flying a 777 out of Brisbane to HKG over the past few days.

VH-VPD is currently a few Ks north west of Gapuwiyak on its way back to Brisbane Flt VA9944. Freight ??

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Surely Virgin could get deal from hell on one or 2 of the leased 777s & then operate to LAX, maybe not on a daily basis, maybe even on a low cost basis.

Imagine many of former Virgin 777 crews would work for a lot less or profitshare, otherwise their prospects are dim.

Otherwise, qantas will be only airline flying bne/lax nonstop.

Plenty of airlines have been successful flying into Australia, only a few days a week.


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My understanding is that the owned 777's had secured finance against them and with the leased 777 and A330's the leases could be terminated by the Voluntary Administration process.

It really was a decision to taken to reset the fleet. Letting the creditors take the asset instead of paying them back and returning the leased aircraft means they can move forward with a new widebody fleet.

They really took the opportunity to utilise the upsides of Voluntary Administration, hence why there were articles very quickly around the future B787 fleet.

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