Travel to Australia via NZ to bypass government travel restrictions?

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Hi All,

Now that the NZ/AUS travel bubble has be established (slightly) and be it at a slow pace starting mid this month....

I wanted to know your thoughts on who would consider by passing govt restrictions and say travel to NZ to fly onwards to other countries that allow Australian residents to enter… Namely SINGAPORE....

As of the moment you wouldn’t be able to travel to say Singapore (DIRECTLY) unless you had a travel exemption. However now that Australian's may soon have the option to travel to NZ, wouldn’t people just fly to NZ and then get a connecting flight to SINGAPORE or any other country that Australians can fly into…

I got me thinking as all and I just thought I would put it out there… love to hear peoples thoughts on this topic. :)




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I was wondering the same thing, I can't imagine NZ border agents preventing an Aussie from flying onwards to a third country. You will just need to be comfortable remaining o/s for a prolonged period unless the government makes changes and allows returned travellers to home quarantine, depending on where you are flying in from. I imagine Australia will allow travellers from NZ / Singapore and possibly Taiwan and Japan into the country without having to quarantine and presumably will also allow those flights to not have any passenger caps on them. Time will tell but surely things will begin to ease somewhat in the coming months.


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I agree.... I don't believe NZ border force/immigration can prevent Aussies from flying to another destination (exp for their own citizens). It will be interesting to watch and I'm sure the Australian government have an indication that some people might take this option.

A lot won't take this option especially if there is a 3k hotel quarantine bill waiting for when they do decide to return home however its still a consideration.


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I don’t think we can fly to NZ anyway. This is a one way bubble.


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The Australian Government can make return from NZ conditional, depending on other countries visited and force the traveller into hotel quarantine at their expense if they have not complied with conditions. After the several stuff ups that have led to outbreaks, don’t think there will be holes that obvious in any new schemes.


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New Zealand can definitely prohibit this behaviour, when Australia-NZ "bubble" fully opens - they have the power the ban transits.


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If the travel restrictions remain in place I'm sure there will be many looking for loopholes to get where they need to go.

I was blocked from an essential (in my view) overseas trip and was prepared to quarantine on my return.


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It’s a one way travel bubble and only in play for anyone coming here from NZ. This won’t help anyone going the other way, certainly won’t help you get to Singapore.


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The Australian Federal government is not going to have the time, energy, or inclination to change it's travel ban legislation for incoming travellers. As it is now, non citizens and non residents need to apply for permission to enter Australia. This is much like getting a Visa. The federal government either has to repeal this legislation or keep it in place. I doubt very very much that they will tailor/tinker with the legislation on a day to day basis so as to consider different conditions for different nations. It is too much legislative work which requires parliamentary voting for each and every minor change to the legislation. Anybody care to bet with me otherwise?

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On your passport it is very easy to see where you've been in the last 14 days. If you weren't in NZ in the last 14 days, they can easily put a stamp on your incoming card "quarantine required". You will then be redirected to the queue to get on the quarantine hotel bus.

If you plan to enter NZ you will need to be quarantined there anyway


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Appear from the fact Australia won't let you in

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