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Ok, so we're not flying too much at present which is disappointing, however Qantas, you may have gone a step too far by upsetting my daughter (at Uni) with the removal of the games section, especially Sudoku from your in-flight (at home thanks) magazine.

Please, if possible, restore some decency, sanity and calm (at least in this house) by repairing this oversight with the return of crosswords etc etc etc.

Many thanks...


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I think we should be grateful that they are still sending the magazine and despite the route map not being there which for me is the best entertainment aha it is still a very nice gesture.

I suggest going to a newsagent and buying a book of sudoku puzzles.


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I think the magazine is on borrowed time even in digital form. In the age of “bring your own devices” and trying to save costs (weight of the magazine and production costs) aswell as the fact they cannot clean the pages of the magazine between flights. I would say cherish what’s left before it’s completely gone for good.


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Some people here seem to be missing a sense of humor...


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Yes, I agree I also read the OP as tongue in cheek although I do wonder about the inflight mags.

Not long before the pandemic and probably from the furore from the celebrities' in flight seat cleansing routine posted online I read somewhere that a potent source of infection is the used mags in the seat pocket which as some say cannot be cleaned.

I guess as much as 60% of the mag is advertiser driven either as ads or sponsored articles of some form with shameless product placement which is why they can still print it in far glossy (and classy) paper than your paid tabloid mags in the supermarket aisles.

A bit of a chicken or the egg scenario when many airlines re emerge from the pandemic where cash strapped advertisers would hesitate to pay former premium prices for low pax traffic and exposure which meant the mags will not be produced or subsidied by airlines whom are also cash strapped. If the mags does not get produced now it may never will since pax will soon get used to not having them and bring their own books/mags

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In today's modern world I am finding it difficult to distinguish between what is sarcasm and whats meant as a serious comment.

Thanks America.

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