Mystery of the QF business class dessert spoon

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A knife and fork. Not plastic, but metal. Together with a starched napkin they are among the last vestiges of fine dining in QF domestic business class. Yet there’s an ever present, unloved piece of culinary artillery too - the dessert spoon.

The unfurling of the napkin to reveal the presence of this spoon elicits an inevitable thrill. Might there be sweets! Could there be a delicious chocolate pudding in the trolly? Perhaps a tarte tarin? Or even a simple panna cotta?

The anticipation isn’t dampened by the underwhelming, canteen style hot meal. The dessert spoon - the precious - holds the promise of a delectable sweet treat. All other culinary sins can be forgiven!

Swiftly the flight attendant rattles back out of the galley with the trolly. Surely now the moment has arrived. The unloved dessert spoon will receive its calling!

Alas no. The attendant sweeps up the tray... dessert spoon and all. No pudding. No tarts. No panna cotta. Nothing. One’s heart sinks.

Only a single, lonely Lindt chocolate remains.

Inevitably, thoughts return to the mysterious dessert spoon. What was it there for? Perhaps to taunt me? Did it serve some bigger purpose?

Maybe these are mysteries only known to the QF caterers.


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What?! You don't eat your Lindt with a spoon?


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Nah - better to pour the sugar for your tea / coffee onto the Desert spoon. The amount of sugar looks distinctly smaller on a Desert spoon, compared to a heaped teaspoon !

Love your sense of humour, RB001.

John Phelan

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At breakfast time, I generally use the dessert spoon for the yoghurt.


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Perfect post.

I flew QF J yesterday (admittedly I did use points to upgrade as I have an injury and wanted space, so I didn't fork out $700). As I looked at the sad ‘braised pork' on my tray, I mused, how far the mighty have fallen. No dessert or even a fresh salad and a redundant dessert spoon falling out of my napkin

Fresh off my first paid J Rex flight, I could not help thinking, QF needs to step up it's game. If this was an episode of RuPaul, it'd surely be a ‘sashay away' moment.

And I write this from the J lounge in Sydney surrounded by grubby carpet (despite an attendant having just mini-vacuumed) and badly stained cream chairs (I mean, who puts cream in an airline lounge that gets this much use?). Michelle Visage would definitely have something to do I.

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Rod H

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At least you do get a good meal on a QF flight.

ATM there's no need for any cutlery whatever on a VA J class flight.

Maybe in April we will require the use of cutlery again on a VA J class flight.

Quite a few start up announcements in the last few months so maybe they were buying the necessary cutlery during this waiting time .

One can't rush things now can one ???

Ted Douglas

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At least the food is edible on Qantas - this is why I no longer fly Virgin "Business Class"

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