Stop the Virgin Australia Hate

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I cant be the only one who sees the over dramatic QFF's who constantly try to bring down VA.

they have miles better customer service and charge significantly less for the offering. yes they are transitioning to a "hybrid" airline but for god sake this stuff takes time, with crazy border closures why on earth would they try to release there new service when borders are closed.

virgin will always be a better choice than JQ and for most people it will be a better choice over QF. the 737 seats on VA are more comfortable with a little bit extra legroom. on a normal MEL - SYD QF flight in ECO you only get a small snack that is similar to VA but VA charge sometimes half the price.

Don’t get me started on there ridiculous BIZ fares. 900 dollars for a simple 1 HOUR flight is day light robbery.

Im a bit of a hypocrite in being a respectable silver with QF but have always found the service and seats more comfortable with VA.

please feel free to share your opinions.


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Hear hear. Agree with everything you’ve said jmark55. And again, you repeat, they’re always half the bloody price.


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“Respectable silver”


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Qantas vs Virgin is like Ford vs Holden or Mac vs Windows: interesting for a few minutes, but when people go on about it with quasi-religious zeal it gets very tiresome very quickly.

My strategy is simple: fly Qantas when someone else is paying for it, fly Virgin when I have to pay for it myself.

I'm detecting understandable frustration with Virgin on these pages, and bemusement at their failure to get their act together. "Hate", though, is not a word I'd use to describe what I'm reading.


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Each to their own, I will fly Qantas when my employer pays and also when I pay. Don’t care for Virgin and the path they are heading.


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Agreed with the OP - I read a lot of VA articles throughout last year regarding their administration - to the point where I felt the need to comment on every single one, and still do to challenge and put another perspective to POVs expressed which is usually QF favoured. I think there is an air of pretentiousness about Qantas - and people love to hate, more so now from behind a screen.

Each to their own who you want to fly, I'd rather keep extra $$$ and know I'm getting value for more or less same product - same with frequent flyer points - who wants to pay $500-$800 in taxes when getting a reward flight with QF. Have used VA, SQ and EY(prior to the fee hike) award bookings a lot - $50 for a Europe fare was just delicious knowing I would have had to pay through nose elsewhere. That's was value and that's why I enjoy VA.


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There are regular bashers of Qantas too. There was a period, around 6 months ago where there were multiple threads of people having a go at Qantas. Every Qantas post's comment section has the same hate as well. Its not just Virgin.

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I flew Virgin business for years.

But this new style is not to my tastes.

Cheap cutlery and a many pie and a few other almost inedible sides.

Goodbye Virgin 😏

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  • Hmmmm the thread Virgin "Business" - You've got to be joking appears to be removed or offline.So did someone got to the website host enough to get it taken off, or was it a technical hitch?If it was removed due to complaints I much rather see a notice saying why, not just a broken link.


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Could the OP could've requested it be removed? Considering the thread had the complaint about VA serving pies in J when it was pointed out that QF are also serving Pies and Sausage Rolls in J?


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Well, if they are also serving pies and sausage rolls in QF J class I need to know.

Might as well try my pot luck on REx schedule if I am not in a hurry

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