Sydney Airport adds another new hotel to open in 2024

The 321-room building will sit next to the Ibis and Mantra in a newly-designated hotel precinct near T2/T3.

By David Flynn, August 4 2021
Sydney Airport adds another new hotel to open in 2024

Sydney Airport intends to begin work next year on a new hotel which will add over 300 rooms to its domestic hotel precinct.

The nine-storey property will be adjacent to the existing Mantra and Ibis Budget hotels, "creating a new integrated precinct" on the edge of the domestic terminals.

Expected to open in 2024, the property is expected to be divided between two hotel brands which will in turn complement its neighbours

Sydney Airport says guests at its new digs "can expect new bars, restaurants, club lounges, valet parking and wellness centres."

Also slated for Sydney Airport is Marriott's hipster hotel brand Moxy, which intends to open in early 2023 on Baxter Road, close to the domestic terminals and private aviation precinct.

Marriott describes Moxy as "a playful, affordable, and stylish hotel brand designed to give guests everything they want and nothing they don't. The animated brand combines stylish, industrial design and sociable service at an affordable price point."

As previously reported, the new-build hotel will comprise 301 "cosy and stylish guest rooms", while the lively Moxy Bar will double as the front desk – an approach being adopted by several hotel brands as they chase the millennials market.

Marriott promises the Moxy Sydney Airport "will offer a café with an industrial vibe as well as all-day access to a delicious food menu" while "guests can meet and work in the various meeting and event spaces, workout in the fitness centre and use the guest laundry facilities."


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24 Aug 2011

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Is cosy a euphemism for small?  Admittedly airport hotels tend to be short-stay (rarely more than 2 nights) so there isn't really a need for particularly large rooms.

Yes, as long as there's a good bed and the room is quiet, and that means double glazing on the windows to stop aircraft noise as well as the room's aircon being silent and hopefully not having other guests making a lot of noise as they go up and down the hall outside your room, then the room doesn't have to be big. I've stayed at the Mantra and the room was actually a pretty good size, and it didn't have your traditional closet either, just a small open hanging space, because most guests will be there for just one night and don't need much room to unpack and hang up a lot of clothes.

20 Jan 2017

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Whilst travel is restricted its still great to see plenty of investment around the airport. 

I don't live far from the airport but I always enjoy staying there the night before especially if I have an early start and always find the prices are quite reasonable. 

Looking forward to the two new hotels mentioned 

25 Jun 2018

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David, your editing leaves a lot to be desired.

What does your first line mean?   ….. intends to develop begin work next year…

You also repeat the description of the hotel brand twice in the article.

A brave decision to open up another hotel at the present time.

24 Oct 2010

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Hey Paul - totally mea culpa on this one. Was writing on the clock and between other stories, as is often the case, sometimes errors slip through (as we have no sub-editing / second read stage, basically that come back to slim resources) and so we catch and fix 'em as we can. Appreciate your understanding!

Well they aren't opening another hotel at the present time, they are opening it in 2024 when travel will be back to normal, definitely on the domestic front and most industry predictions say that international demand will be back to 2019 levels in 2024. The thing about Sydney Airport is that it's got quite a lot of 'airport hotels' but very few are really really close to the airport itself. But this new one will add a lot more rooms to the market next to Mantra and Ibis so it'll be interesting to see what two hotel brands land there. I can't see a super upmarket one but probably a recognised international premium brand and a more mid-level one, IHG might be well placed for this.

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28 Feb 2015

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Another option close to the domestic airport is Citadines, which is actually visible at the top of the picture at the head of this article (aerial view). It also has very small (but very quiet) rooms, with a small rack for hanging clothes like the Mantra (and very nice, helpful staff). I walked there (with small rolling case) from the airport, no trouble at all. Bonus for the silly-minded: long freight trains trundle past quite often, right in front of the hotel).

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