• Now that will be interesting.  I don’t have a mobile phone - smart or otherwise, and have no intention of getting one.   Does that mean I will be stuck in limbo, off the aircraft but not in Australia?

  • When QF dropped the service on flights to U.S.I had a booking including the airport transfer, I complained bitterly to Q Customer Service and they reinstated my booking. The Customer Service officer agreed with my argument that a booking is a contract and can't be cancelled just because one par...

  • Qantas revamps priority boarding

    Nov 22, 2019, 04:28 PM

    Dare I suggest that boarding is based on seat occupation. With most flights using air bridges at the front of the aircraft, board the last 10 rows of seats first, then the next 10 rows moving forward and so on until the seats at the front board last. Unload in reverse order.No aisles blocked w...

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