You can turn Uber Rewards into Qantas Points, but should you..?

The Uber Rewards program has signed up Qantas as a points partner, but the 'exchange rate' leaves much to be desired.

By David Flynn, November 21 2019

Uber has added Qantas as a partner in its newly-launched Uber Rewards loyalty program, giving riders the opportunity to redeem Uber Rewards as Qantas Points. Whether that's worthdoing is a different matter.

To quickly recap: Uber Rewards is now being rolled out across Australia, starting with a trial 'soft launch' on an invitation-only basis before the doors are flung open to everyone by March 2020.

Members will earn Uber Rewards points on rides and meals at the following rates:

  • UberPool, Uber Eats: 1 point per A$1 spent
  • UberX, UberXL, Uber Comfort: 2 points per A$1 spent
  • Uber Premier: 3 points per A$1 spent

This includes overseas Uber rides and Uber Eats deliveries, based on a per-A$ spend.

The number of Uber Rewards points you earn across a six-month period will determine your Uber rider status Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond – while for all but the Blue tiers, every 750 points triggers a 'reward'.

Headlining the initial rewards: 15% of all rides for three days, or 15% off orders with Uber Eats for three days.

There's a choice of reward packages with every 750 Uber Rewards points you earn.
There's a choice of reward packages with every 750 Uber Rewards points you earn.

Qantas is now joining those reward ranks with the option to pick up 200 Qantas Points.

Executive Traveller readers with an analytical bent will be quick to plug those numbers into their calculator or spreadsheet and realise this isn't the world's most attractive proposition.

Even at the peak earning rate of 3 Uber points per dollar on Uber Premier rides, you'd need to spend $250 to earn those 200 Qantas Points – and at an average of 1.5 Uber points per dollar (split between standard Uber rides and Uber Eats meals) that becomes a $500 spend to pocket those 200 Qantas Points.

Being able to claim 15% of all Uber rides for a three-day period is arguably better value, especially if this is a particularly busy three days of Ubering.

Qantas is also reducing the earning rate on Uber rides to and from most Australian airports serviced by Qantas.

Currently, rides ordered through the Uber or Qantas apps can earn 3 Qantas Points per dollar for Qantas Platinum and Gold frequent flyers, 2 points per dollar for Silvers and 1 point per dollar for Bronze members.

As of December 13 2019, this will drop across the board to a flat one Qantas Point per dollar.

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David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.


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I received an email from Uber asking me to join the rewards program only to find out what that meant was I could join a waiting to be admitted into the program some time soon. Nothing says “valued customer” like a waiting list.

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