Photos: British Airways' new first class lounge at New York JFK

By David Flynn, October 11 2018
Photos: British Airways' new first class lounge at New York JFK

British Airways' first class lounge at New York's JFK Airport is the poor cousin no longer, after an extensive make-over to the same 'new lounge look' as its siblings in Rome and Aberdeen.

At some 60 per cent larger than its former self, the 510m² (5,480ft²) footprint is designed around zones tailored to the varying needs of different travellers.

The new wine room will let passengers enjoy 'wine flights' sampling a variety of wines linked to a theme, starting this month with Chardonnays of the World.

There's also an enomatic dispenser so that passengers can enjoy wines at what the airline claims is "exactly the right temperature".

BA has also given the dining room a boost so that trans-Atlantic travellers can grab dinner at the lounge and grab maximum shut-eye for the six hours to London.

A new 'boutique menu' created by executive chefs Gavin Mackenzie and Waylon Walker will include seasonal dishes and a new light and healthy ‘bowl food’ concept.

BA's tended bar dials up the swish-o-meter to 11.

If you'd rather be away from all the clinking and commotion, make a beeline for the quiet work area, which sadly looks more like a bland conference room than a series of private workstations.

Other changes afoot at JFK Terminal 7 include a refresh earlier this year for the exclusive Concorde Room, new first and business class check-in areas with direct access to Fast Track security, and more AC sockets at BA's departure gate areas for giving your travel tech a last-minute recharge.

British Airways' first class lounge at JFK Terminal 7 is open to passengers travelling in first class as well as Gold-grade members of BA's Executive Club loyalty program and their Oneworld Emerald equivalents, including Qantas Platinum and Platinum One card-holders.

Next on BA's lounge to-do list is an upgrade to JFK T7's Galleries business class lounge, while business lounges at Geneva, San Francisco and Johannesburg are also set for the Cinderella treatment.


David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

09 Dec 2016

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Major improvement on the previous BA First lounge at JFK. I was travelling through last Friday which apparently was the day they opened the new lounge. All the staff very friendly and enjoyed the Chardonnay - a great selection! Only complaint is that you still have to go back to the dated business lounge to have a shower.


30 Jul 2015

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I'm sorry, but this looks like the basement of a McMansion in Dallas.

Are you sure this is BA's new lounge at JFK?, or the VP's mother's basement. Look's suburbia faux luxury. Cheap!!

22 Jan 2018

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I couldn’t comment on the lounges in JFK and JNB as I’ve never visited, but boy, the one at SFO sure needs a refurb. Although, they’ll have to get really creative given its a basement and space is limited. Thank God for the CX lounge.

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

12 Sep 2011

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Sure beats the old F Lounge T7 Mighty slim picking there! Now use CX First and AA Transcon First so T8 and the American Airlines Flagship First Lounge and the Flagship First Dining room beat this revamped lounge anyway!!

22 Jan 2018

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I love how... no matter which city, CX lounges always deliver!!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

06 May 2012

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Looks great. Was through jfk a few times this year. Concorde is great if in F but this looks good if in J (as a one world plat) look forward to using it when next through


16 Nov 2011

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I know why they do it, but I find it funny it is called the First Class Lounge, when they have the Concorde Room which is THE first class lounge.

04 Dec 2013

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That's a much catchier name than calling it "The BA Executive Club Gold and Oneworld Emerald Lounge for Passengers Flying in Economy or Business", I dare say.

Very understated, perhaps to the point of blandness, but it covers all the bases and the wine-flight concept is interesting too. Good work BA!

23 Jul 2017

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I do love the new AA Flagship Lounge but it isn't quite as good as the new BA first class lounge. Sadly Qantas now flies from JFK terminal 8 now, not sharing with BA in terminal 7. (Even worse Qantas flies the squeezy Boeing 787. Much an all as I love Boeing planes, this isn't one of its best. A true nightmare in which to fly).

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