How to earn Qantas Points with Uber and Uber Eats

Now you can earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points with all Uber and Uber Eats bookings, even worldwide.

By Brandon Loo, November 26 2019
How to earn Qantas Points with Uber and Uber Eats

The Qantas Frequent Flyer program has hundreds of partners, but one of the alliances which makes the most sense for travellers – especially business travellers – is Uber.

Here's what you need to know before you make that next Uber booking, whether it be a ride to the airport or food delivered to your office.

Earning Qantas Points on Uber rides

In its most basic form, the Qantas-Uber partnership lets you earn Qantas Points on rides to and from the follow Australian airports: Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart, Maroochydore, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Townsville, Newcastle, Toowoomba, Avalon and Byron Bay.

Those points-earning rides can be summoned through the Uber app or the Qantas app (for the latter, look under the Book icon at the bottom of the screen), provided you've linked your Qantas and Uber accounts, as explained later in this article.

As of 13 December 2019, your Uber airport trip will net 1 Qantas Point per dollar (down from the long-standing tiered rate which saw Qantas Platinum and Gold frequent flyers pocket 3 Qantas Points per dollar).

Earning Qantas Points with Uber Rewards

The Australian launch of Uber Rewards – Uber's own in-house loyalty scheme – adds a second way to earn Qantas Points.

Uber riders earn Uber Rewards points, and every 750 Uber Rewards points unlocks a 'reward package' – one of which is 200 Qantas Points.

Those Uber Rewards points can be racked up on any domestic or overseas Uber booking (not just Aussie airport runs) along with Uber Eats meal deliveries. The earning rates are as follows:

  • UberPool, Uber Eats: 1 point per A$1 spent
  • UberX, UberXL, Uber Comfort: 2 points per A$1 spent
  • Uber Premier: 3 points per A$1 spent

Note that only Uber Rewards members who progress from the entry-level Blue tier to the Gold, Platinum or Diamond tiers will be able to activate the Qantas Points reward, although we expect that most Executive Traveller readers will be ranked as Uber Rewards Gold or higher.

At 750 Uber Rewards points you'll have a choice of rewards packages, with the top three being:

  • 15% of all rides for three days: nominate any (ideally busy) period of three days and enjoy a 15% discount on every Uber ride, from the humble UberX up to Uber Premium (formerly Uber Black) in Australia or New Zealand
  • 15% off orders with Uber Eats for three days: once you choose this reward option, it will be automatically applied to orders placed via your Uber Eats account (there's a maximum discount of $25 per order)
  • 200 Qantas Points deposited into your Qantas Frequent Flyer account

However, it's difficult for us to recommend taking the 200 Qantas Points option.

Just to reach Uber Rewards Gold status (which is the minimum status for activating rewards packages) requires you to earn 1,200 Uber Rewards points over six months, and in terms of Uber rides alone that equates to at least $400 on Uber Premium rides or $600 on UberX rides. 

On top of that you'd need to spend a further $500 (assuming an average of 1.5 Uber points per dollar, split between standard Uber rides and Uber Eats meals) to reach each 750 Uber Rewards points milestone and pocket those 200 Qantas Points.

In summary, those numbers don't work in your favour: we'd suggest that better value is to be found in the 15% discount on Uber rides or Uber Eats deliveries, depending on your own travel and dining habits.

Regardless of how you plan to earn Qantas Points with Uber and Uber Eats, you'll have to link your accounts together.

Here's how to do it on your smartphone:

  • sign into the Qantas App, and from the bottom menu bar, choose 'Book' and tap the 'Uber' icon [image 1]
  • on the next page, hit 'Get Started' [image 2]
  • Enter your mobile number, which is used to help Uber identify your account (if you already have an Uber account, make sure you're using this same number [image 3]
  • you'll receive an SMS to verify your number; then log into your existing account or set up a new Uber account, and allow Qantas to access your Uber profile [image 4]
  • your Uber and Qantas accounts are now linked [image 5]
(Click or tap the screenshots to enlarge them).
(Click or tap the screenshots to enlarge them).

If you don't have the Qantas app installed, then you can also manually link your accounts by visiting this page, then following the same steps as above.

At the very last stage (after creating or logging in to your Uber account), you'll then be presented a page where you also log in to your Qantas account to link the two.

Manually linking your Qantas and Uber accounts online requires an extra step, compared to doing it through the Qantas App.
Manually linking your Qantas and Uber accounts online requires an extra step, compared to doing it through the Qantas App.

With the updated arrangement, you'll no longer have to order Uber airport rides from the Qantas app to earn Qantas Points per A$1 spent – you should get the points credited for Uber airport rides just by using the Uber app as usual.

Qantas Points will take up to 30 days to credit from completed eligible Uber airport rides and when converting them from Uber Rewards points.

Haven't joined Uber yet? Sign up here or use our special Executive Traveller promo code of UBER10AU to get $10 in free credit towards your first Uber ride.

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