Singapore Airlines betting big on the A380 for Australian flights

By David Flynn, June 27 2012
Singapore Airlines betting big on the A380 for Australian flights

Singapore Airlines hopes to add a second Airbus A380 onto the Melbourne-Singapore route by year’s end, taking to four its superjumbo tally for Australia’s two largest cities.

SQ already runs two A380s between Sydney and Singapore each daily, with a third on Melbourne-Singapore.

And the Singapore flag-carrier is continuing to take delivery of new Airbus A380s on which the entire upper deck is dedicated to business class, at the same time as Qantas puts the squeeze on its superjumbos, shrinking the business class cabin to deliver more premium economy and economy seats.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Singapore Airlines’ regional vice-president Subhas Menon said the airline  plans to '”operate as many A380s as we can” to Sydney and Melbourne, describing Australia as a market that is “growing in terms of prominence in our network”.

That growth will continue next week when SQ will boost Adelaide-Singapore flights from seven a week to 10, beginning July 2. Menon also tagged Perth and Brisbane for additional flights later this year.


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11 Jan 2012

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And Qantas have abandoned their daytime flights back from Singapore whilst SQ still run theirs with, by all accounts and recent experience, decent loads.

Strange times.


10 Sep 2011

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The DJ / SQ relationship is obviously starting to work for SQ.  I must admit, I have found myself pretty neglected by QF up here in DRW, and am looking forward to flying MI (SQ's regional offshoot) then onto Europe.  I couldn't book a family Christmas holiday with JQ  and OneWorld without taking a big detour, but SQ let me do that.

If DJ expand further into the NT, I wonder if Air North will jump ship and take the mining sector with it? 

11 Jan 2012

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I am not that impressed by the SQ/DJ relationship, Only provides access to Gold Lounge, not SilverKris, even if your are Platinum (which must be same level as PPS?). Also doesnt appear to provide any greater range on advanced seat selection and experience would suggest no great care or love during the flight.


10 Sep 2011

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I haven't tried out the lounge in SIN yet, although agree that is isn't up to standard (a flagship lounge without showers or toilets?!).  However, if SQ keep expanding, the relationship must be doing something right for them.

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24 Aug 2011

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Memo to the last person left at QFi - turn out the lights. 

10 Jun 2011

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QF were crazy to abandon the daylight Singapore to Sydney route - very popular with business travellers who found the 2000 departure time too early or who had dinner engagements in Singapore

SQ's load factors on their daylight flights down to Australia are always extremely high, due to all the connecting traffic they pick up from Europe, India, South Africa, Japan, along with all business travellers who like the daylight options down to Australia

Of course they are ramping up their capacity to Australia, they know revenue and demand out of Australia remains strong and the premium market commands much higher fares ex Australia.

They know QF are in trouble and will do their best to keep it that way they must have loved it when QF reduced capacity on London. They are also very aware of EK's strategy and focus on the Australian market - that is now their key competition to Australia

10 Apr 2012

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It's work pretty well this SQ/DJ relationship.ADL gets three daytime flights a week meaning you can leave Singapore in the Morning and be in Australia by Teatime.Previously the only way one could do this was fly the British Airways to Perth BA11 and get the last flight of the day onto Adelaide which applied in the nineties up to July 2000 or more recently than that Go on the QF72 Qantas and do the same thing.I hope for the South Australian Market they keep it up.

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