Take a 3D tour of Virgin Australia's Boeing 777 business class

By David Flynn, July 30 2016
Take a 3D tour of Virgin Australia's Boeing 777 business class

Virgin Australia's upgraded Boeing 777-300ER jets are now flying from Sydney and Brisbane to Los Angeles, boasting the best business class and premium economy on the trans-Pacific route.

AusBT review: Virgin Australia 'The Business' business class (Sydney-Los Angeles)

And of course, the same spacious and well-appointed seats are now also on all of Virgin's domestic A330 flights, including east-west routes.

But if you've not already travelled in The Business, here's the next best thing: a 3D virtual tour courtesy of Google.

You can walk through the pointy of Virgin's Boeing 777 and even stop off at selected seats for a closer 360° look at this stylish six-star cocoon.

Keep walking – err, clicking – and you'll find yourself at the cool inflight bar.

Just past this is the smaller secondary business class cabin...

... and beyond that, the new premium economy cabin, now dubbed Premium, with a class-leading 41 inch seat pitch, while each of the 19.5 inch wide seats reclines a further nine inches.

Reader contest: win business class PJs, amenity kit

Trans-Pacific passengers on The Business receive soft 100% cotton pyjamas styled by Juli Grbac and a Mandarina Duck amenity kit containing REN skincare products – but one AusBT reader will win that combo just for taking this virtual walkthrough.

Start by browsing the Google Street View 3D tour of Virgin's upgraded Boeing 777-300ER and then open our reader contest, where you'll be asked two simple questions – the answers to which you'll find in the virtual cabin walkthrough.

AusBT reader contest: Explore Virgin Australia's upgraded Boeing 777 to win business class PJs and an amenity kit

The reader contest will run to 11.59pm EST on Sunday July 31 2016, and is open to residents of Australia over 16 years of age. The winner will be contacted by email on Monday August 1 2016.

Congratulations to Todd Charge, from Warners Bay, who's won himself that pair of Virgin Australia business class pyjamas and an amenity kit!

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31 Mar 2016

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"Virgin Australia's upgraded 777-300ER...boasting the best business class....on the trans-Pacific route."

I agree mostly due to the staffed bar area onboard in J.

J seat design is certainly 1 of the best but not "the best".  AC and AA hv equivalent designs(Actually, the same J seat model in AC's case) deployed daily on all AU-N.America Trans-Pcf routes.


14 Jun 2013

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Can't agree on that. Yes, American Airlines has similar 1-2-1 config and also ample 'personal storage space' around the seat, just like the Cathay Pacific seat it's based on. But the Virgin Australia seat is wider, longer in bed mode, also has a larger video screen and I'd reckon the VA meals would top those of AA too. Plus there's that bar!

PS FLX note how I managed to write this using whole words, but maybe you need to save a half-second by writing 'hv' instead of 'have' and 'Pcf' instead of 'Pacific'. :P

04 May 2015

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"What we're talking about is basically the speech equivalent of just wearing underpants. Sometimes words, you no need use, but need need for talk talk."

"Many small time make big time... I'll see world"

It's a nice strategy Kevin, but you'd have better chance by using your frequent flyer points.

(Anyone who doesn't get that should search "Kevin's new way of speaking" on Youtube.)

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

19 Feb 2014

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You may be right as far as the seat goes in that it is very similar.  However, we all know that the service and catering of North American airlines are way under par...which makes this the best Business Class by a long way.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

18 Sep 2015

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Is it really purple, pink and orange - pass me the sick bag!

22 Jun 2016

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Talking of J Class seating on VA, somewhere along the way we lost the plot. This is a great way to cross the Pacific, and my next trip I will try in premium Economy, which I'm sure will be as good as J on the other offerings.

my lifetime QF Pub membership will take a battering, but look forward to the more comfortable flights on VA.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

07 Dec 2014

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Can't say I agree. Having flown VA PE across the pacific (before the renovation) it was still somewhat cramped for me.

Yes, the new PE cabin has more leg room, but the seats are still 19.5 inches across which is still too small to eat without your elbows being restricted by the passenger next to you. And while the seats recline much more than economy, its no flat bed and still has the foot rest coming down from the seat infront which isn't ideal (compared to say Qantas PE).

I'm not saying its horrible ... I'm just saying it still is not going to be as good as J on other airlines. All the other airlines on the transpacific direct route have flat bed J, and Delta and AA also have 1 - 2 - 1 layouts.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

18 May 2015

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Thanks to AUSBT and Virgin for this competition.

It certainly was a great way to have a walk around the cabin and get a feeling for the new layout.

I will enjoy the prizes

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