• Possibly the use of the underfloor cargo area on the A350-1000 as the toilet area - read cut the line-up - would be a big plus, also a lite exercise area. If the 1000 can go the distance, pax numbers would be ideal for Q.F.

  • It seems that the seating revolution is coming full circle, ie., J is becoming the new first, PE is heading towards J, and the new economy X will slot into the old PE hole. No doubt pricing will follow the trend.

  •  @Henry_168, The article states "on certain international airline flights", read Middle East Carriers!

  • Hey people, a simple solution is to fly via Singapore, Hong Kong or Indonesia, direct to U.K. Or Europe. You don't need to fly through the Arab Areas, a lot more options are open to the business flyers.

  • I'll stick with J in the B787 out of BNE, couldn't handle being cooped up in the F enclosures.Feel sorry for MEL going back to a B777.

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