Vodafone extends $5/day roaming to South Korea, Russia

By David Flynn, November 7 2018

IN BRIEF | Vodafone has added 11 countries to its already-extensive $5/day global roaming deal, which lets travellers tap into the data allowance of their domestic mobile phone plan when overseas.

The most significant destinations for Australian business travellers are South Korea and Russia; the rest of the roster includes Armenia, Cambodia, Colombia, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay.

Sadly, there's still no $5/day coverage for the UAE, home to the Dubai and Abu Dhabi hubs of Emirates and Etihad Airways.

This extension brings Vodafone's $5/day roaming service to a total of 80 countries, which combined represent nearly 70% of the world’s population.


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Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

08 Jun 2014

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Fantastic! Mexico on the list. Very happy with Vodafone's service in Aus and abroad. Excellent for travellers.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

01 Mar 2012

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Yes I'm glad that Mexico is on the list. My wife racked up a $200 charge on data usage last month when visiting her family.

13 Jun 2017

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Meanwhile a 1 min call in Singapore with Telstra will set you back $5 (if you don't sign up for the $10 day pass)

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

08 Jun 2014

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Say what?!

Air New Zealand - Airpoints

06 Jul 2015

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Thumbs up for Mexico + Russia.

Qantas - Platinum

18 Jan 2011

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Woohooo! Their roaming just keeps getting better.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer - Chairmans Lounge

01 Sep 2011

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This is good but what the reason for no UAE, is there an explanation?

06 Jun 2017

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Looking good, we just need China to be added!
China has been part of Vodafone $5 roaming for years.

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