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  • Sydney to New Orleans in F.

    Dec 10, 2014, 10:39 AM

    Not sure where you got the 90 SC's for SYD-LAX Phil, it's 270 each way according to the Qantas website in First.

  • Fiji Airways is NOT a Oneworld carrier.Therefore this flight is not a Oneworld operated flight.

  • I believe you would need to be a QANTAS frequent flyer on a Qantas ticket to gain access to the Qantas First lounge.Oneworld status with any other frequent flyer program won't be recognised as far as I am aware, however as you are in business class, your ticket will entitle you access to the Qant...

  • I usually just fly to BNE and drive down these days - way better frequency of service, and it doesn't take THAT much longer to drive to Surfer's from BNE than it does from OOL...I wonder if OOL can really sustain that many services/routes with that many airlines?

  • If the only objective of your taking flights and maintaining Qantas Platinum status was just to use the First Class lounge, wouldn't you prefer to just take your pick of fine dining restaurant and day spa every now and then?Flying to Auckland (or even to the Gold Coast) JUST to spend some time in...

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