Airbus turns the A330 into a luxe VIP jet

By David Flynn, October 21 2014
Airbus turns the A330 into a luxe VIP jet

There's no pleasing some people. It's not enough that billionaires can fly in private jets – now they want those VIP jets to be bigger on the inside, according to Airbus.

Exhibit A: the Airbus ACJ330 Summit business jet, which turns a regular A330-200 into something a little more exclusive, with a bedroom and ensuite bathroom at the front for the Chosen One.

That's followed by an office, a conference and dining room and a working area, and then airline-style first-class and economy seating at the rear.

Joining the ACJ330 is the ACJ319 Elegance at a starting price of US$80 million, which the aircraft maker says boasts "the widest and tallest cabin of any (single-aisle) business jet."

Similarly, the ACJ319 comes with a lounge areas at the front, a bedroom with ensuite bathroom and shower in the middle, business-class seating in the rear and is certificated for 19 passengers.

"All of the business jet variants launched in recent years feature larger cabins than their predecessors, highlighting the market’s wish for more cabin" Airbus states.

“More space in the cabin is desirable for many reasons other than the greater comfort and freedom of movement that it brings,” explains Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers, John Leahy.

“The larger cabin volume and floor-area of Airbus corporate jets means you can take more people with you when you travel, be more productive along the way, and carry more baggage,” he adds. 

The desire for a large cabin is one of the findings of the Airbus’ Billionaire Study, announced earlier this year, which highlighted the wish of high net-worth individuals to take with them when they travel, those that look after them at work and at home.

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I'll have 2 please


12 Apr 2013

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Would it be smarter to get one pf each?

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24 Jan 2013

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I wonder how many people on ausbt can afford to buy one of these VIP jets? There seems to be a number of these articles these days!

12 Jun 2013

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Yeah, it's interesting. Even the Packers and Rineharts seem to make do with ordinary Gulfstreams and Falcons. Clive Palmer, poorer but more ostentatious, gets around in a Bombardier Global 5000. Apart from the RAAF it seems like nobody in Australia has so much as a BBJ.

Still, I'm amused by the idea that somewhere out there is a decabillionaire who reads ausbt every day who is currently going "Finally! An article of relevance to me!" 

24 Aug 2011

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Tony Abbott is getting a A332 to replace the BBJ.  Maybe he should look at these designs for the cabin fitout!!!!


12 Apr 2013

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Some flys really high….

22 Oct 2014

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to me it is not about 'flying high' or being able to afford such an aircraft... If the aircraft is managed well it will at least pay for itself !

11 Mar 2012

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Anyone interested in a timeshare on of those?

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