• A positively great idea... if they do this as they describe it could really ‘take off’ pardon the pun 🤣

  • As far as inflight ‘lounge' designs go, the new updated layout is not really hitting the target. They are still useless spaces and I believe time will show this. The only design that has worked is the Emirates lounge and that's the winning formula that keeps working... so QF pay attention.

  • Brandon, can you give us a brief overview on what compensation obligations for delayed arriving flido airlines have flying into Australia ?

  • The QF media team continue to do an important job for the airline’s business performance and, in spite of QF’s well known operational shortcomings (many listed in the comments herein) the financial results are not bad. So a big “well done” to the media team. Alan now n...

  • The PER - SIN is a good size market now... so I think the decision to re-launch the service with a 737 is a bit gutless... my decision would be to re-launch with a large aircraft (larger the better) and spoil the passengers with a smorgasboard of special (experimental?) services and goodies... wi...

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