Autodromo's new Group B Series 2 watches celebrate retro-80s cool

By Hodinkee, November 26 2018
Autodromo's new Group B Series 2 watches celebrate retro-80s cool

Autodromo first introduced the Group B way back in 2015, and it quickly became a customer favorite. Additional models arrived over the following two years, including those with silver dials and the limited edition Night Stage, however, the slim, steel-and-titanium watch eventually sold out completely.

Instead of just resurrecting old versions, Autodromo founder Bradley Price decided to take the watch to the next level, introducing the Series 2 model you see here (at US$975).

Technically speaking, this watch is very similar to the original Group B, with the 39.5mm case consisting of an interior titanium capsule and a framing steel chassis, all of which holds an automatic Miyota movement inside.

The biggest difference though has to do with the strap. The original Group B had fixed lugs and could only take one-piece straps. The Series 2 has traditional spring bars and comes fitting on an interchangeable stainless steel bracelet that, when fitted, looks completely integrated into the case.

The familiar white and orange dials are back for an encore performance, and the Night Stage concept has been resurrected too, this time in the form of a special edition with a grid-adorned dial with green accents and a matte-finish bracelet.

I've been a fan of the Group B from the moment it came out, and the Series 2 looks like a heck of a follow up to the original.

It doesn't mess with the things that made the original so successful – the slim proportions, the spare, clean dials, and the lightweight steel/titanium construction – but it adds something impactful enough with the bracelet that you should really give this watch another look.

I've always enjoyed wearing my Group B on the nylon one-piece strap, but the bracelet here looks really nice, and a black strap would look awesome too. I also like that the three dial options present three substantively different options, depending how full-on 'car guy' you want to go with this.


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