How to keep Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold status

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Hi all,

I am currently Gold QFF (first year) and well on my way to getting the 600 SC that I need to maintain this level for next year. I've now moved to London so I won't have the 4 QF flights that I require to maintain Gold. 2 Questions:

- how strict are QF at enforcing the minimum 4 flights rule (I will have 2).

- these 2 flights are on AA codeshare, but operated by QF. Do these count towards the minimum 4?

Any light you guys can shed will be greatly appreciated as I tried to get BA to status match (to therefore avoid this problem) but they refused:/




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tc88, have you assessed what your travel patterns will be like, now that you're based in London?

Have you considered Aadvantage?



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QF are now very strict at enforcing the 4 QF flights (they used to not enforce at all).

An AA codeshare doesn't count.

20.1.5 The travel required in each Membership Year to attain or retain Silver, Gold or Platinum status levels must include a minimum of four Eligible Flight Segments where Qantas, QantasLink or a Jetstar Airline is the Marketing Carrier.

Being based in LHR may require a QF marketed flight to DXB and back to Europe


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Tim, what's your travel pattern?

QF may not be your best bet here. Look seriously at signing up with AAdvantage and BA. Build miles in BA for short flight redemptions and in AA for longer flights in premium cabins. 

Keep an eye on the various frequent flyer web sites to take advantage of deals for both schemes (head for Points, Loyalty Lobby, FlyerTalk, etc).

If you have enough travel in a 3 month period look at doing a AA platinum challenge (equivalent of QF gold) and aim to do this early in the new year ideally for maximum period of status.

Investigate Uk based credit cards with points bonuses - at the least an Amex card with access to membership rewards.


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I agree. The OP isn't shooting down the hallowed hallways called "almost at Lifetime Gold", so switching to BAEC or AAdvantage is a very possible move.

When his membership year goes over, I would look at both those schemes, which reciprocate with QFF. If he flies enough, a dual strategy could work. QFF doesn't work for him.

Unless he needs the four flights to make up the retention year, and that's not going to be fun. Economy to Dubai?


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Unfortunately there's not much hallowed about lifetime gold in the eyes of QF - a two-line letter. Obviously something they would prefer you aspired to rather than attained.

Mental. But that's QF's logic when it comes loyalty.

Time for Leslie Grant to try a different gig or better still a different employee - you've been with the same company far too long, darling.

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