Will you stick with Qantas Frequent Flyer or move to another airline?

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I'll still fly Qantas internationally where it makes sense (J fare price, timing, etc), and I do like the Qantas International First Lounge bistro a fair bit, but I'm no longer locked into Qantas like I used to be 5-10 years ago.

I prefer VA Domestic Business flights to Qantas Domestic (again I'll fly QF domestically if schedule suits better, or I need to shuttle to SYD to connect to a QF International flight), but that's really about the quality of Virgin these days rather than a result of he recent QFF program changes.

Ultimately "loyalty" isn't a good enough reason to choose carriers, alone, by these days. I think it's up to all of us to become informed consumers, and not simply to default to one carrier any longer. It's certainly not as "rewarding" as it used to be! (Apols for the pun lol)


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Was i mistaken it appears Australian Companies have the most liberal travel policies in the world.From most every post it appears most all of you/company or clients pay the higher fare or travel in business class.....Good for Qantas.I suspect most all of you do not pay for flights out of your own pockets.

Just wait to they increase the points required to get an award seat or the sought after upgrade.Guys do not fool yourselfs it,s comming soon.

And for the record i myself as the owner of my office pay for several staff to travel Int and domestic and allways request prior planning in advance,the cheapest Int bus fare or QF as we have a contract and the cheapest advance purchase dom flight.


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Will fly them if someone else is paying for the ticket otherwise I personally fly Virgin as I am only on a service workers fortnightly income with some help from the government moneywise.I can even earn points on Velocity for servicing my car something Qantas doesn't even offer yet.


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Since QF's announcement the other day, I started looking into the Velocity program. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but from the research I've done, Velocity absolutely smashes QF FF every day of the week. Here's what I did...
QF FF requires 300 status credits to reach Silver, Velocity just 250. SYD-LHR on QF on a discount economy fare earns 70 SC with the new rates. Booking the same route through the VA website on a SQ codeshare on a full economy fare earns 140 SC (the trip is on two flight numbers, so you earn credits per sector). I chose a random date to compare fares and VA's full economy fare was the same price as QF's cheap economy fare. With this in mind, you could reach silver status on Velocity with a return trip in economy to LHR... If this is the case, I will definitely make the switch to Velocity. 

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