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QF DFW lounge. Just wondering if anyone has been to the QF DFW lounge or if anyone has done a review on it? LAX lounge experience will be 100x better but just wanting feedback if flying out of DFW rather than LAX.


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The lounge in DFW is not operated by QF.  It is an airport operated lounge.  Not really that great.  The LAX lounge is amazing!


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LAX is definately the superior lounge, however the DFW Lounge in Terminal D certainly isnt bad, and at least its got a view.  If you can access the AA Admirals lounge, try that as well - you'll find the high ceilings and sunset while waiting for your flight quite picturesque. That being said, the new QF LAX lounge is an experience to remember........why not use DFW Lounge, then connect to LAX for your onward QF connection and use the LAX Lounge too!


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Used the QF DFW 1st lounge last week - no where near as good as lax, but really quiet, and very few people, plenty of real food and drinks and with the view of the runway is pretty good. The AA lounge only does nibble and voucher for 1 alchololic drink. Real food and any more drinks need to be purchased. The QF lounge is the better option. Note - only opens at 4pm (3.5 hours before boarding) is if you have a long lay over between connecting flights the AA lounge may have to be your first stop. Rate it a better experience than LAX as terminal D at DFW is much more relaxed than LAX. 


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The LAX QF First lounge is the best I have seen - the only problem is that it involves flying via LAX :-(

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