Westpac Altitude Black points transfer

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Attention Chris: We have been members of Westpac Altitude Black since it's inception, BUT when we transfer our points from Altitude to Frequent Flyer Points to either Virgin or Singapore etc., we find that we lose 50% of our Altitude Points in the change over, any way to overcome this 50% loss....where do they go?????


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I'm not familiar with the card, but I'd suggest the conversion rate is 2:1. i.e. 10 Altitude Points is worth 5 FF points.


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We have regularly transferred points from Westpac Altitude to Malaysian Enrich and it always 2 points for I frequent flyer mile. That's just the way it is and is clearly spelt out  in their terms and conditions. I'm afraid there is no way around it and I'm pretty sure all other reward cards work on the same basis. Occasionaly there are special promos when you can get additional points with a 15% or similar bonus.

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