What's the best Star Alliance frequent flyer program to join?

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Can anyone tell me what is the best star alliance frequent flyer program to join.

I have a upcoming Europe trip, and am flying a mix of premium economy and business on all six legs.

Am flying Lufthansa/Turkish airlines, and wanted to claim the miles.

I'm a silver QF frequent flyer, will any match status?

I was thinking air new Zealand, Thai or singapore or maybe united, as they all offer daily flights from Sydney for any future flights.

I usually adverage one or two overseas flights a year, usually to Asia or USA.

Thoughts and ideas appreciated.



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Whilst they recently raised the thresholds, I still think Aegean is a good bet to achieve Gold quickly. If you're doing some business class travel you should be able to climb status quickly. You'll need 40,000 miles to make gold and most business class fares pay 2x miles flown. If you're in Europe you could do a few segments with Agean and the threshold drops lower. You can work out how many miles you'll make using a calculator I found online. Not sure of exact URL but google Owenrudge calculator. You'll need the booking class of your existing bookings to work it out. I'm Aegean gold so if anyone knows a better one to have I'm keen to hear it!


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If you're earning a lot of points its hard to beat the redemption rates and excellent availability of Singapore's Krisflyer


Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

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Plus their stellar silver kris lounges and domestic partnership with VA.


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Thanks for the info. 

I will look into it.

Do Krisflyer match status?



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I've recently had to ponder this point. My international travel for the next couple of months will be centred around Perth, where Qantas International is non-existent. Given the poor rate of accrual on MH and CX for Aadvantage and QFF I am having to seriously consider flying Singapore. Unfortunately I'm having to travel in Economy, which brings me to the topic you've raised.

I would go with United's program and purchase a United Club membership. While "best" can mean a lot of things to different people, to me a programme that allows me to purchase lounge access is best. There is a lot of negative feedback on recent changes to United's programme but I think as a low to medium rate user on the Star Alliance network, the total value proposition of United's programme is compelling.

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