Is Virgin Australia still flying to Abu Dhabi?

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Is VA still flying to AHU? I am looking at heading to LHR on VA to maintain Platinum But all flights from SYD are on EY product.Has VA pulled out of AHU and concentrating on maybe a return to MEL - LAX?


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Nothing announced - as far as I know they still do 3 x wk SYD -AUH. They were doing a AUH - KUL service for a while too - as an EY service - not sure if they still do that.


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I've just flown to Lhr. Looked up the dates about 6 weeks ago and like you noticed there was no VA product on this route via Abu Dhabi. All the 777's were on LA flights. So as far as i am aware nothing has been announced but there are no VA planes on this route anymore.  Happy to be corrected though.


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I have a couple of VA flight attendant friends. Both have said to me that at the moment it's all just EY code share to AUH. Looking at timetables

VA1 arrives in LA at 06:30 and VA2 departs at 22:20 (daily)

VA7 arrives in LA at 06:55 and VA8 departs at 23:50 (daily)

In order to make that timetable work you need 4 aircraft - ie all of VA's 777 fleet.


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777s are being refurbished this year, may have something to do with it. 

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the 777 refurbs are scheduled to begin in NOV


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They have one fo the 777s undergoing heavy maintenance and Etihad are covering the slack. I'm not sure of the arrangements, if it's a wet lease or VA get some sort of contributions but not a lot changes from a marketing perspective, it's just an Etihad bus instead of a VA bus.


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VA pulled off the AUD route back end of last year and moved the aircraft onto the BNE - LAX route allowing the frequency to be ramped up to a daily service. Combined with the MEL - LAX route removal this has allowed them to make operate greater frequency on LAX from BNE and SYD.

The AUD route was a loss maker and as its a JV route with EY they took over the frequency on their metal.



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VA SYD to AUH flights return from the 11th April, during the months of Feb/Mar aircraft are sent for maintenance and these flights are taken over by Etihad. There is also another maintenance window usually around November and this will coincide with the beginning of the cabin refurb, which will be completed during the Feb/Mar window 2016.


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The 777s have been having maintenance in Singapore, with the Abu Dhabi routes suspended during this time. These routes to Abu Dhabi will be resumed after the servicing is completed.

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