I'm flying Scoot Biz to Singapore next week.

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I'm flying Scoot Biz to Singapore next week. Does anyone know if Scoot supply Biz passengers with entertainment? Ideally I don't want to have to drag my iPad with me on the flight if Scoot supply entertainment.


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I'd check with Scoot to make 100% sure but even if they do supply an iPad you will be stuck with their choice of videos, I would much rather bring my own iPad with my own choice of movie and TV shows. I also use my iPad when travelling apart from in the plane, for example at the hotel, so it don't think it will be 'dead weight'.


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Good choice. I flew this over a year ago and it was not bad and brilliant for the price.

It was BYO device but the movies are free. There's an app you need to download first.

I don't think there's a lounge you can use in Sydney unless they have a tie up now. You can pay to enter the Air NZ lounge for a nominal fee if in Sydney, or use the Amex lounge for free if you hold certain eligible Amex cards.

Check out here for more details on the movies.


The offering when I flew was pretty ordinary so I would probably rent one through itunes or similar or bring a good book.

The beauty of Scoot is really the price and the extra legroom. Very friendly service though.

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