What to do with Complimentary Virgin Plat membership?

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What to do with Complimentary Virgin Plat membership?! Includes Hilton Diamond membership, Hertz Gold, 4 VA domestic upgrades, lounge, luggage, etc.

Can be passed on to anyone with VA number. Sounds too good to give away for free?


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Well, if you don't have family to give it to (e.g. a sister who's just started a work rotation requiring her to fly every month or a father who's just retired and could do with status as he does his bucket-list trips), I don't see why you can't sell it to the highest bidder...


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Do you already have a nominated gold member who received hte complimentary gold upgrade?  If so, then they will get automatically upgraded to platinum within 7 days.  If not, then you're entitled to give it to anyone, at least that's what the T&Cs say.  Family member of 'Friend', that's very broad.

When a Platinum Member earns 500 Status Credits over and above the required number of Status Credits to maintain their Platinum Membership Level (800 Status Credits) within their Benefit Period (total 1,300 Status Credits), the Member is entitled to nominate a family member or friend who is a Member to a Gold level of Membership (Companion Gold Membership).


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I'll take it off your hands!!


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No....no real candidates to give it to, family is already gold through family pooling. And no, no nomination for the gold membership (ps - the lady actually said I can give one Plat and one Gold away)

What's a fair price you travel gurus would suggest?? Just 4 upgrades seem worth quite a bit, with luggage benefits etc... Plus Hilton Diamond (free breakfast, suite upgrades, etc)

thanks a lot

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Just a friendly reminder that we don't allow bidding here on AusBT, posts that are for personal or financial gain or that facilitate the same.

Any amounts proposed by readers to the question above will need to remain hypothetical and only for the background assistance of the user that is asking the question.

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