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Aegean FF and Grexit. With the continue uncertainty in Greece, anyone have an informed opinion for someone with Aegean FF Silver building towards Gold.

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I can only speculate that currency controls and credit shortages may make it difficult for Aegean in the short term, if there is a Grexit. Longer term I see Greece as an increasingly viable and popular tourist destination if it reverts to its own currency, greatly helping Aegean's bottom line. A "hedge" for you Nicholas may be to redeem some of your accumulated miles if and when you can.


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Like many in the media. I can only speculate on the short term, but longterm, I think an independant Greece is a good thing for Aegean and Greece as a destination. As Wilsoni says, it will improve their bottom line position. They'll actually be benefited from lower labour costs when paying their own currency, over time. It'll take some time for the correction to occur.

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