Hi Gang - Quick question on Qantas.

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Hi Gang - Quick question on Qantas.

Have a midnight flight from Perth into Sydney (Business) and the meal is listed as "Non-Specific" - Having not done a midnight flight before is anyone able to shed any light on what this is? - I doubt it would be the same 3 course meal you get at lunch time in Business?.

Should I eat up in the lounge in anticipation of something "snack like"


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Hi Connor,

The red-eye flights meals are a bit different to the normal meals during the day.

After take-off there will be a bar service (hot or cold drinks) before the lights are turned down. This will usually be served with some nuts, and some sweet and savoury "small bites" will be served (eg, arancini balls, or a small cake) on a platter for you to have, but nothing too substantial.

There is also a bowl of soup available to eat if you wish to have something more to eat, and this will be available at anytime, just request from the crew.

Before landing into Sydney, the service will be a "cafe breakfast" which is like a light breakfast. There will be some fresh fruits and a sweet muffin or savoury scone type piece of bakery, with tea and coffee. This is designed to be a quick breakfast which is why a full breakfast isn't served. It's all aimed to try and keep the lights down as much as possible to let you sleep.

Probably a good idea to eat in the lounge if you are one to get hungry on the plane, and something unique to these flights is that on arrival after the red-eye flights, business class passengers have access to the lounge on arrival to freshen up and have some breakfast (even if not continuing onto another flight).

Handy Hint: In economy, they serve a snack back (usually piece of fruit, cookie, small chips, mints) or the passengers to enjoy at their leisure. You could always ask for a spare one of these if the have one if you are feeling pekish.

Hope that helps :) 


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That is such a good answer and demonstrates why this site is so useful. Cheers


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Great reply!!!

Was wondering if this is also the same for the the PER-MEL red eye, as it's a shorter fligh?

Also, is the access to the business lounge after the red-eye flight an untold eglibility?


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Hi, the service is the same for PER-SYD/MEL/BNE. I forgot to mention that there are also eye shades, socks and tooth brushes available and will be distributed by the crew (there is no separate amenities pack, just individual items the same as international economy). <br>

Access to the lounge is generally mentioned by the crew onboard to the passengers in business class and is only available to those travelling in business class.

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