Malaysia Airlines New Name?

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Malaysia Airlines New Name?

Hey guys, apparently Malaysia Airlines were supposed to announce the new name of the airline today. But while we wait for the 'new airline' does anybody have any ideas for the name?


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They've changed the name of their holding company. That's all.

All other announcements are still pending.


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"does anybody have any ideas for the name?"

Jetstar Malaysia.


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Hi everyone

Yes I was watching the BBC this morning and they were referring to Malaysian Airlines "rebranding". This was actually a bit misleading given that, as Peter has already identified above, only the holding company has changed from Malaysian Airline System Berhad to Malaysia Airlines Berhad.

It appears the 'MH' designator is staying put at the moment. 

I understand Given Malaysian Airlines has a strong brand within Asia, particularly within SE Asia the new management is reticent about actually rebranding the airlines to include a new name, livery, uniforms etc - which would also incur a massive cost. Management are working through this currently but I understand the biggest change following the re-naming will be new employment and supplier contracts on better terms.

But I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to see a new name, paintjob etc.  

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