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QF Gold Question?

My friend has asked the following:

If he is a QFF Gold and his partner is QFF Bronze will his partner be allowed in the Qantas Club and ask for a points upgrade because they are traveling together on a domestic flight?


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In my experience, yes.


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Can the partner come into the lounge?  Yes.

Can they ask for a points upgrade at the airport for both of them?  Yes.

(But why not go onto their online booking, and request the upgrade through the QF self-service My Account portal?)

Regarding upgrading and family members, Qantas states:

If you are travelling with your family, your request will include all passengers in your booking who are eligible family members.

They can also use a check-in kiosk to request the upgrade, it doesn't necessarily need to be done at the Qantas Club service desk.

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