travelled to KL on a VA issued ticket this week which was operated by SQ.

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travelled to KL on a VA issued ticket this week which was operated by SQ. Even as a platinum velocity member, there are no seat allocation preferences. Despite the other stated benefits eg priority checkin etc getting no seat preference or ability to select seat at time of booking is a big drawback with these codeshares that VA have. Have other had the same experience or have I missed something?


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I've got the same issue with a booking I've made for next year. Flying MEL-SIN on a VA issued ticket, confirmed by  both VA and SIA call centres that seat allocation is not available - even though I was trying to buy an exit row seat. Staus made no difference either, sadly....

Annoying, yes, but I'm not that suprised (i'm sure I know someone who encountered a similar problem flying QF with a BA issued ticket a few years ago?). Thankfully it's a relatively short flight - hopefully you can still check in online but if not, i'd be getting to the airport early to try and grab a decent seat!



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Yeah, it's a bit rubbish actually but SQ don't give seating priority to anyone, not even their own flyers or Star Gold. The only benefit is being able to check-in at the J desk where you might actually get a more sympathetic agent. Of course, if you book on the SQ flight numbers you can assign regular seats from a very limited selection outside 48hrs before departure or check-in online within 48 hrs. I can normally bag a good forward aisle seat once check-in opens online.


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Did you book through a travel agent? You should have the ability to seat select through the GDS regardless of who issued the ticket.


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Oh look! An open wound... Let me get some salt. I've never had seating problems as a OneWorld elite member across the OneWorld network. I'm quite sceptical of these "non-institutionalised" alliances *hint* *hint* QF/EK...

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