VA804 - cancelled 3 days in a row, whats going on?

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So I am flying this in about 4 weeks with an onward international connection.

Is this normal practice? ie, minimal loading and they just moved everyone to an earlier/later flight, or are they just having an anomaly (ie a/c unserviceable)?

If this is a routine occurrence, I will need plan to go to the airport earlier for an earlier rather than a later flight as it would make the connection super tight if the cancellation was to happen.


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2 of the three days it most likely was fog related. Can't speak for this morning but they have 15 min services between 6 and 8 most days so even if you get bumped you won't miss your connection (weather being a different issue of course). Often these cancellations are known the night before and you'll be called/text/emailed about it. If you're lucky you'll get all three forms of notification. 

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