What to do once re-qualified Platinum?

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Hi all. 

I've been flying alot but I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to maximising benefits from frequent flyer schemes. I'm about to re-qualify for Virgin Platinum 7 months before the cutoff date. Once that's ticked off, is it possible to start re-directing your status credits and points to another scheme? I know I can build up extra with Virgin and gift a gold or platinum membership to someone but I'm thinking there might be better value by directing the status credits and points elsewhere. Any thoughts or tips on who'd be best to run with?



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Depending on where you fly, and with with which alliance, you could focus your attention on attaining Gold or Platinum status (or equivalent) with Singapore Airlines (Star Alliance) or Qantas (OneWorld). You will need to sign up to their programs and book your travel under the new KrisFlyer or QFF number. Either way you will be without lounge access, Premium Entry, priority birding, express lanes etc until you accumulate the necessary points.  Alternatively, if you are the kind of family that travels a lot you can stay focused on VA and gift a VA Gold or Platinum to your wife/husband/kids and accelerate your accumulation of VA points and status. As I mentioned at the beginning it really depends on your regular routes as to which program you could most benefit from. 


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You could also activate family pooling to redirect your points and status credits to a family member or friend to help them get status.


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Or you could show your travel details to Star Alliance or One world and express the desire to travel with them from here on and see if they will status match so you can enjoy the benefits while you are still accruing more travel. Worth a try. I'm not sure qantas will do, but surely other airlines may consider it

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