Should I wait to request upgrade?

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Hi Guys,
My wife and I are currently Silver FFlyers. I have just booked a Melbourne to Penang flight for July for my family in Economy. We will be Gold members in April. Should we put in the request for an upgrade to Business now or should I wait until we are Gold Members.

Your assistance is appreciated greatly.



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I assume that you are talking about your QF flight to Penang. You should request asap, in case you don't make it to Gold, you will be before other Silvers who request after you. Upgrade is process within 24 h of your flight by then the system will show that you are Gold if your upcoming travel goes smoothly.

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Yes, I understand upgrades are based on a number of factors such as status, load, 'perceived commercial value' and the time the request was made. So I would made the request ASAP. Your current status shouldn't matter - it's your status (hopefully gold) in the days preceding the flight. Good luck.

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