Firefox AdBlock False Positive.

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When visiting AusBT, I keep getting a popup saying "Please turn off your AdBlocker". I have attached a screenshot.

I have just updated to Firefox 50.8.2. I have never used an Adblock plugin. But since updating AusBT keeps telling me I am.

I have gone through every setting in Firefox, but cannot find anything referencing Adblocker.

I have not come across this issue browsing other websites.

I wonder if this is an AusBT issue or a Firefox issue?

Can anybody shed some light on the issue.



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I use chrome and have also been having a few issues lately both with and without ad block enabled.

FYI I've had adblock for a long time but I do have several sites whitelisted like Ausbt, Australian Frequent Flyer and a few other travel sites.


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Sorry for the issues. We'll investigate and respond shortly.


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Is there any update on this? I use Firefox as my sole web browser and am getting sick of having to use safari to just to view AusBT. It is the only website I am having issues with. I have checked all Firefox settings and all antivirus settings. I can't find anything that refers to an adblocker.



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It happens for me on Safari as well. I added AusBT domain to AdblockPlus whitelist, and even disabled the extension for the site but the false positive alert keeps popping up.

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