SQ nolonger supporting online menus?

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I have a flight out in 2 weeks (Mel - Sin) and have been attempting to check the online menus so that I can better decide to "book the cook" or not.  The menus are normally available 4 weeks in advance so I was surprised that 2 weeks out they are not available.  After calling SQ a couple of times I was told that SQ are no longer supporting this function.

I think for those who use it, its popular have other passengers had similar experiences?

Thanks, Taylor


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Hi Taylor,

I "booked the cook" last week for an SQ flight in 2 weeks and had no problem selecting my menu choices and had my itinerary returned with confirmation.

Agree with you - SQ didnt have the current month menu online to select from, but I was more than happy with the offers presented to select from.


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I liked the idea of knowing before hand and used it for 4 flights over xmas in J. You can always book the cook and then decide on the flight if you want the menu option instead your booked option, which is how it worked before.


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I find it varies by flight, day, and city.


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Both viewing the online menus and selecting Book the Cook worked fine for me when I tried last night - however, for some flights on my itinerary the menus weren't available.


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Book the cook can be good - A350 Adelaide to Singapore, I could not do this online though as I found out!. In the end the only way was to go through my travel agent, as far as I could work out ...if I had made a booking direct with SIA I could then do a direct online booking, otherwise talk to your agent if the booking was created by them. All in all not impressed with SIA Business flights, on several fronts and will revert to Qatar or Emirates in future - SIA never again!.

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