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Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with Qantas or Emirates when travelling with an Autistic child?


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We had a little autistic boy (maybe 3-4 years old) on an EK flight from Zurich to Dubai a few weeks ago in J and the crew were lovely and looked really well after the boy and his mother throughout the flight. This was on a full A380 flight.


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I have found Qantas to be excellent when traveling with my boys (aged 12 and 9 both level 2 ASD, with associated anxiety disorders).

You can ring the special assistance line. They usually find a way to record it on the booking so the the customer service manager and staff looking after your section are aware. The first time I arranged this they asked if I wanted it printed on the boarding pass so the cabin crew knew. I now ask them to do this each time I take the boys.
As an aside, I wear one of my pro-autism T shirts when travelling with them. It’s helpful when a challenging situation arises.

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These days, a good percentage of the general populous is on the spectrum in any event. Cabin crew of premium carriers are very good at handling a range of pax with different conditions.

While, yes, full-blown autism is very much at the “pointy end” of the spectrum, you have nothing to worry about. The behaviour of many regular pax (for lack of a better word) often leaves a lot to be desired.

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I have travelled Qantas with my autistic son. The staff were wonderful. My only problem was the security check, as those staff didn’t understand the issue at all.

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