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Im travelling overseas later this year with my blended family. There are 2 adults and 5 kids between 10-17.

I was hoping to use the Singapore Lounge on the way out or the Amex lounge.
I am a Platinum Velocity member.
Can I get all the family in? If not, what is a work around?


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I’m assuming leaving Mel or Syd on SA; WP status with VA gives you and one guest access and I’m pretty sure any child (ages 2-12) counts as said guest. Can’t comment on Amex lounge, sorry.

Not sure about a work around existing short of hiding smaller children in luggage on the way in?


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You won't get access to the Singapore lounge with that many people.

The Singapore lounge counts children regardless of age as a guest so you'll only be able to bring one person into the Singapore lounge with yourself.

If you've got a valid Amex card then the Amex lounge allows all children aged under 17 and depending on the card you hold you can either bring a guest or redeem one of your two passes to gain access for you guest. Note you have to have an Amex card that allows access as paid access is extremely limited.

Otherwise if lounge access is a must then the SkyTeam lounge allows paid entry for $77 a person including children. This would end up costing $539.

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Negative you only get 1 guest as a platinum. The only workaround would be to pay for a lounge entry for everybody at a paid lounge in singapore.

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You might have gotten away with it with partner and a small child, but 7 in total? I think you have no chance in the SQ lounge. The SQ lounges in Australia are on the smallish side but really you'd be denied at the SQ lounge at Changi with that number.


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As SQ gold I had no issues or questions with wife and a 10 month old getting access with myself.

Unsure of additional kids

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