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Hi Everyone,

My partner and I will have a transit in Bangkok, landing at BKK at 1:30 pm and departing on OF24 at 6:10 pm. We'd like to grab a shower, lunch and a few drinks before our flight to SYD.

I heard the CX lounge is great but doesn't have showers. While the JAL lounge was recently refurbished with showers, but opens at odd times.

What are peoples recommendations for a shower, bite to eat, drinks and a decent place to spend a few hours.


Chris C.

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The EK lounge is the obvious choice if you're eligible.

QR if you're in business, but it doesn't open until 16:30(?) and I'm not sure if the showers are working there yet (they were closed for maintenance a while ago).
Otherwise one of the Miracle lounges.


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Thanks HT,

Im PLAT, so that should do it.

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