Accessing VA in flight entertainment on laptop

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Has anyone had any success using a laptop to access the VA in flight entertainment? If so, can you please provide advice? I keep having issues where it comes up with errors saying silverlight isn't installed, however, it is. This has also happened to others that I am aware of.


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Only used tablet and they have always worked fine.


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Tory, could you share what type of device you're using.

Currently the VA IFE doesn't work with Apple Mac's as Silverlight has stopped being produced by Microsoft for OSX. You might have an old Version of Silverlight installed but as the IFE requires a newer version it won't be compatible.

If it's a windows laptop then I'd suggest uninstalling Silverlight and installing the newest version.

FYI the IFE system VA use is produced by Lufthansa and therefore updates are controlled by Lufthansa not Virgin Australia.


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To be honest the content isn't that crash hot, and seems to be reducing in volume and turnover in the last few months. If you're using a laptop for IFE I'm sure you can find something more interesting to watch and loading it on before the flight.

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