Qantas and Jetstar axes paper boarding passes

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Phil Young


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Keep in mind that the source of this information is News Limited. Also known as Limited News.



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I will still rock up to the lounge and ask for a boarding pass and if it is an international flight then lots has to be checked before it/they are printed. This is not the end of them by any means.


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Just to clarify, and as has been mentioned here earlier, Qantas is NOT going to axe paper boarding passes outright, it's just "removing unnecessary paper, such as boarding passes and operational manuals, by going digital". Wherever a paper boarding pass can be replaced by its digital equivalent, that will be done – but there are going to be cases where a paper boarding pass can't be replaced, such as several instances cited here, and in those cases a paper boarding pass would be issued.

John Phelan

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And, for many of us, we will still require that a paper boarding pass be issued. And will look forward to the hilarious scenes (and fights) at the gate where passengers can't find their electronic BP on their phones!!



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As someone pointed out to me the current boarding passes with a gloss are harder to recycle so I suspect they will go to lighter paper.


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Digital boarding pass will be an interim measure anyway. The future is facial recognition for a seamless walkthrough from kerb to seat.


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I think the point of the article has been missed....its about them reducing waste which is surely a good thing. You'll still be able to board your planes people.


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Qantas could - on international, at least - cut the volume of 'boarding card' stationary in half tomorrow if they so wished. I am always amused that your 'receipt' for checked luggage is always printed on full sized 'boarding pass' paper stock, when many other carriers simply use a 'sticky' (smaller) label that can conveniently be attached to your passport.


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Doesn’t Qantas print you a stupid little receipt even if you use a mobile phone ticket?


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With the current amount of fumbling with phones, an entirely digital boarding process could extend into a long time! How often has someone in front of you 'lost' the boarding pass as the phone went dark while they waited... precipitating waking up the phone, getting their fingerprint in the right place while juggling bags, then scrolling and faffing.

This is exactly why I still always get paper boarding passes


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If every electronic pass intially got an incentive of ff+status points I see adoption going through quite quickly..

No one has mentioned the fumbling of a lost paper ticket. Or the annoying size of the ticket that is too big for the passport..

I sense change resistance big time here.

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I am delighted to report that the "stupid little receipt" is gone! You can still have a paper boarding pass if you really want/need one, but most people now don't and in my experience the boarding process is faster and easier. Also gone (as far as I can tell) is the "stupid little tag" they were insisting you take if you had two carry-on bags, to "remind" you to put one above and one under the seat. I would always refuse to take it.

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