Salt & pepper squid (temporarily) gone from Qantas Sydney first class lounge

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Awww... lounge staff remedying the Corn Fritter Famine by plating around these little mini-bowls of corn fritters!


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They were serving the calamari in the London lounge on Monday. Two servings (with matching gin) were enjoyed by my husband,


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When exactly did the Express Path go? I only used it last month!


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Since when do fried eggs need a fryer ... :|


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I will fly QF23 next month, departure 9:50am from Sydney. just wondering anyone got first class lounge full breakfast menu? and what time all day dining start? Can I order alcohol, Salt & pepper squid/calamari at breakfast time?



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All day dining starts at 11. Alcohol any time and the salt and pepper squid depends on if their deep fryer is fixed.


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I was in the Sydney First Lounge on May 21st and they were back serving the much beloved S&P squid. Kitchen renovations were nearly complete. Who knew a temporary absence of an entree would cause such a stir.

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