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I'm flying into Singapore Terminal 1 at 6.45pm, then out again (Terminal 1) at 2am. I would like to get a few hours sleep before departure - any advice whether Crowne Plaza at terminal 1 or Yotelair at Jewel would be better? Loving the idea of shopping at Jewel, but the pool at CP looks good too. CP is pre check-in and Yotel is after check-in but is at Terminal 2..... Any advice? Thanks


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Crowne Plaza will be far better - it's a proper hotel... Yotel is just miniroom things and quite expensive. That said either option is expensive for the very short time you'd actually have in there.

To be honest if you actually want to sleep as well you would be better off staying airside and go to the Aerotel where you can book a room for 6 hour block.

Entering Jewel or going to Crowne Plaza with the back and forth won't give you much time in bed...

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I agree with oliver_adl: with less than 7 hours between flights, it's far easier to stay airside.

The Aerotel in T1 will be the most convenient and luxurious. It also has a pool. For something more simple, there are Ambassador Transit Hotels in T1/2/3 which could also be a good option for a simple snooze and shower.


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It probably is easier to stay airside, but having used both options discussed (airside v Crowne Plaza) I would be inclined to go with the Crowne Plaza option. Assuming your hold luggage (if any) is going straight through, then getting landslide and then back airside in Changi is about as easy at it is in any airport in the world. That connected with the fact that you have to wear fun security at the gate at Changi and that at the times your talking about it's going to be relatively quiet, I would probably go with the option of Crowne Plaza.


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Crowne Plaza for me and I would collect my luggage.


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For such a short stay, I'd just go Aerotel T1


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Last month I stayed at Aerotel T3 for a 7 hour layover and then caught the skytrain to T2 for my onwards flight. About 1/3 of the price of the Crowne Plaza Changi and whilst not as luxurious, it was comfortable enough for such a short layover.


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+1 Aerotel

Stayed there with the wife and three kids. 6h sleep during a 9h layover. Perfect

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Have stayed at the Crowne Plaza a few times and it's certainly the way to go for a long transit stop.

The staff even came to the baggage claim area to collect our baggage and take it to our rooms as well. When we left they also took it to check in.

Very comfortable rooms , quiet and so clean. Highly recommend the Crowne Plaza.


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Stay airside. Aerotel in T1 sounds most convenient for you, however the T2 Ambassador is also perfectly acceptable.

Quite apart from the fact the the airside hotels are all pretty decent, quiet, and comfortable, the Yotel rooms are horribly tiny, and the Crowne Plaza has to be one of the worst I've stayed it. Worst hotel bed ever.

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