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  • Singapore Airport Hotel

    Nov 06, 2019, 03:47 PM

    I'm flying into Singapore Terminal 1 at 6.45pm, then out again (Terminal 1) at 2am. I would like to get a few hours sleep before departure - any advice whether Crowne Plaza at terminal 1 or Yotelair at Jewel would be better? Loving the idea of shopping at Jewel, but the pool at CP looks good too...

  • Thanks - will keep the connections issue in mind.

  • Hi allI am hoping to book a return trip to Europe for 5 of us on points for mid 2020. I figure I need to be booking the tickets on the day they become available to get 5 of them (especially if I decide to let the kids experience PE). Buf if I wait until the return tickets are available to book (...

  • Originally Posted by Jazzop I live on the GC myself, so let me answer your last question first. To go via SYD or BNE? Default to BNE, but check SYD. I've seen QF have cheaper options via SYD inc the BNE to SYD leg. But not so much cheaper it's that it's worthwhile. You have to consider the extra...

  • Brisbane Transit Time

    Dec 21, 2018, 01:47 PM

    Thanks everyone. We'll risk the transfer, and thanks for the express pass idea - I'll chase that up when we check in.

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